“Stay calm, keep communicating.”

Disclaimer: Daisy and Jonathan’s wedding was shot by the talented @megangantphotography. We do not own the above header image but permission was kindly given to use it for the purpose of this interview. Thanks Meg!!

Wedding Location: Thornton Golf Club

How did Jonathan ask you to marry him?

Our engagement was my favourite. My family had come over from Liverpool and we had planned to go to the seaside for the day with the kids. But, last minute Jonathan cancelled because he was ill which was really sad... we spent the day in the sun playing with the kiddies and they bought a kite which my parents suggested they should fly at Filey Brigg. Filey has a special place in my heart because while Jonathan was vacationing there he left a rock on the beach for me to find when I went the week after and it took us at least 2 hours as the beach was covered in rocks and Jonathan’s describing skills weren’t the best! But I eventually found this misshapen rock which had our names etched on to it and I still have that rock next to my bed!

So back to the day - we arrived at Filey the kids excited to get their kite out and me and my sister walked ahead when I looked down there was this massive heart made out of rocks with our initials inside and the date... when I looked to the side I saw Jonathan stood there and I burst into tears... the ugly kind that makes your whole face contort. He popped the question and when I turned around my grandparents were there and Jonathan’s family too... which made me cry more 😂 it was such an amazing day ❤️!

When were you originally supposed to get married, and did your date change?

We had booked our wedding for the 2nd of May as I come from a long line of May weddings so I wanted to keep the tradition. But with Covid coming in we then had to change our date FOUR TIMES... it was the most stressful and upsetting time of my life! The day of the original wedding loads of my family and friends came to my door and left me gifts to make me feel better and me and my family decided to do a Present day with my dad’s home made pizza which was really lovely ❤️.

Tell us a little bit about what you initially imagined your wedding day to be like:

I had been dreaming about my wedding day since I was really young... I knew exactly what I wanted! We had originally invited 200 people, all family and friends. Big fun wedding with lots of dancing and a photo booth... the works!

How did the covid restrictions change that? How did you feel initially about the changes?

The Covid restrictions meant that we could only have 30 guests which included the registrars and photographers which was really difficult as I have over 60 just in my family... so choosing who to be there was really heartbreaking. We could have a meal after so that was nice as a few weeks before hand that wasn’t possible. Every different restriction was another blow which was really hard but I was just glad I could get married.

Were there any moments that were particularly emotional or stressful? How did you overcome those periods?

Losing my original date was really hard and not being with Jonathan was very challenging. Every news conference was just more upset and nothing seemed to be getting any better. I had two other close friends who’s weddings had been affected, one girl in particular whos wedding was set a week after mine, who I spoke to nearly every day and I believe she really got me through that time.

On the big day itself, how were you feeling?

When the day came it was so surreal! it was full of laughter and tears. That morning I was feeling so sick with nerves the whole way there in the car up until I started walking! All the nerves went when I saw Jonathan. It was just perfect.

If you could give any advice to your past, wedding planning self, what would it be?

The advice I would give my past self would be get married earlier!!!! There’s a pandemic coming! Aha or don’t cry.. your wedding was perfect and all that matters is love and family and friends... you can boss this pandemic 😂.

If you could give any advice to couples currently in the same position, what would it be?

To all the brides and grooms out there now stay calm, keep communicating and just enjoy the last weeks or months before you get married. A pandemic can’t ruin the best day of your life, enjoy every second of the day - you’ll never forget it!