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This guide has been my child the last few weeks and I’ve been editing and re-editing it over and over again. We’re finally happy with it and I really hope it can help some of you shrink your wedding and get married this year!

It was actually very hard to cancel my ideas down into sections as I had so many thoughts. I could literally talk about intimate weddings all day and the all the pros of having one! But I thought for those who just want a quick read, here are some scaled down versions of the tips in the guide, and some other tips that didn’t fully make it in the guide!

We wanted to share 5 points that anyone can keep in mind when going through the wedding planning process this year.

Communicate with eachother. We think a common misconception about smaller weddings is that they aren’t as special. We actually feel the opposite can be the case! With a more intimate event, all of your guests feel special and the day can go at a slower pace. But granted, planning a micro-wedding means some aspects won’t feel as important as they did. Others will gain more significance! Voice to your partner what those aspects are, dont regret not mentioning something that deep down you really wanted. This is a team effort and a perfect opportunity to problem solve with your future spouse!

Explore all your options. The beauty of a micro-wedding is you’re not necessarily held back by budget, time or guest numbers. The world is your oyster. You don’t have to have a super traditional style wedding if you don’t want to! City wedding at the registry office? Heck, you could get takeaway pizza and sit in the park if you wanted! Explore all your options first rather than feeling like you need to have a ‘normal’ wedding. There is no normal now!

Find inspiration! This will help you get excited for your own teeny wedding! Pinterest is a great source, but sometimes the ideas on there aren’t always achievable. There are some great wedding blogs out there - for example Rock My Wedding posts about REAL weddings, even sharing the couples budget so you get an idea what is doable for you and what isn’t.

Invite people you love the most. We know it’s hard to cut down your guests list, but the social obligation to invite ‘everyone’ to your wedding is gone if not fading. Don’t worry about offending people, or even worry you’ll be thinking about the missing people all day. You won’t, we promise. The closeness of a smaller wedding gives you so much more quality time with those most important to you as a couple. These moments fill the gap of those who couldn’t be there.

Place an importance on documenting. Yep we know we’re biased. But seriously. Photos. Photos. Photos. Weddings being smaller this year means photography is more valuable than ever!! Choose a photographer you trust to document your micro wedding, especially as many of the people you may have had won’t be able to attend. You’ll want beautiful images to share with them later. You got married at such a weird time for the world, but your wedding is a perfect example that love isn’t cancelled - it’s definitely worth documenting thoroughly.

Okay, that's me done talking. You know what to do!