“Just do whatever makes you happy.”

So, this entry is a little different from the previous ones, as Stef and Jonny aren’t actually married yet! They've had a tough journey that they are still going through but they are keeping their heads up and its really lovely that they were willing to open up about it with me despite it being so fresh. This is definitely a great entry for those couples who need to know other people are going through what you are too! (Also, I just love how polite Jonny’s proposal was!)

Wedding Location: Currently Lake District (There's been several!!)

Tell us your proposal story!

I always said I wanted to be proposed to at Curbar Edge in the peak district as it's my favourite place, but Jonny kept saying he would never propose there because it would never be a surprise. Well (drum roll please)... it was at Curbar Edge! And I wasn't expecting it so... clever guy!

P.S. He literally said "Will you marry me.... please?" I mean, who says please during a proposal!

When we’re you originally supposed to get married, and when has your date moved to?

Original date was 25th September 2020.

We postponed it to 6th March 2021 as we really wanted to have a proper wedding that we worked so hard to have. Then my sister announced she was having a baby and the due date is the same weekend as our wedding - my family really wanted us to move our wedding so (reluctantly) we moved it to 17th April 2021. (Once my niece is born I swear she will never hear the end of this story!!🤣)

As time went on we could see the situation wasn't going to get better anytime soon and following Bozza's announcement about 15 guests lasting up to 6 months we just knew our 150 guest wedding wasn't going to go ahead in April. We got fed up of waiting and ultimately we just want to be married so we brought it forward to 28th November 2020. (Have you managed to keep up yet?)

And now we're here! Wedding cancelled and no available dates left in 2020. So 2021 here we come!

Tell us a little bit about what you initially imagined your wedding day to be like:

As we are religious we really wanted our ceremony to be at our place of worship so we are gutted that can’t go ahead. For the evening do we just wanted a big party - My family is really loud and outgoing so I just imagined lots of music and dancing (and proseccooooo🥂)

How did you feel initially about having to postpone? Is this the first postponement?

Postponing our September wedding was a feeling of relief - but as time went on and things got worse - we wish we kept the September date! Hindsight's a wonderful thing!

Postponing this November was much worse - I think because it was so close and it wasn't our decision to postpone made it worse. We both just felt so drained and deflated.

Were their any moments that were particularly emotional or stressful? How did you overcome those periods?

A couple weeks before lockdown we had our hens and stags cancelled. We know they were not necessarily important to have but I think it made us both feel more excited for our wedding too. 2 days before I was going on hen, a family member who we were in close contact with was tested positive for Coronavirus and me and Jonny were close contacts so we had to self isolate.

I was fummminnngggggg. This was the second time the hen had been arranged so I felt so bad for messing all the girls about. Then we went into tier 2 on the same weekend so it was like a double whammie. (Along with some other drama about the guest list🤦‍♀️) That's probably the most stressful and draining week we’ve both had. Oh... and not forgetting a national lockdown. Triple whammie.

How did we overcome it? We probably haven't I think! Just looking forward to 2020 being over is the only thing... and keeping a sense of humour. If you don’t laugh you'll cry.

How are you feeling about it all now?

What's happened has happened so we are just looking forward to 2021. Something about a fresh year just makes us feel better I just can't wait to be Mr & Mrs!

Feeling super grateful for some of my suppliers who have been absolutely fab with the billions of dates that I've suggested and messages I've been sending. (@crumbsssss @megangantphotography)

And friends sending flowers/gifts/a text has been so lovely! Shout out to my maid of honour for being an absolute trooper aswell! (She probably regrets agreeing for this position.)

If you could give any advice to your past, wedding planning self, what would it be?

Say NO when he asks you to marry him!!!!!! No, I am absolutely kidding.

But seriously, you don't have to have the exact image you had in your head for your wedding. Just do whatever makes you happy with the circumstances you are in!